Another sunny day in Reykjavik and almost a calm sea. Most of our passengers sat outside on our top deck and enjoyed the sunshine and our beautiful surroundings.


We spotted large groups of birds (Gannets, Northern Fulmars, Sea Gulls, Guillemots and Kittiwakes) and headed to them :) At one point the Gannets started to hunt and we were quite enthusiastic to see a Whale there and stopped for a long time. We did find a Harbour Porpoise who surfaced once and left us immediately :( These are very shy animals. We kept on sailing all around the bay but at the end we gave out complimentary tickets so our guests can join us again.



Quite windy in Faxafloi Bay today but the sea condition was still fine to go out and look for Whales…

The sun was shining and we enjoyed the view of Mount Esja while we were sailing out to our Whale Watching Area. We sailed far and were searching all around but unfortunately we did not find anything else than some Northern Fulmars, Kittiwakes and Eider Ducks. At the end of our trip we gave our passengers a complimentary ticket so they can come and join us again.



Just one word for this trip AWESOME :) It has never been easier  to find Whales…The guide just finished to talk about the security on board and here they were…KILLER WHALES!!!


beautiful Pod of Killer Whales including one fully grown male, two very cute calves and about 4 females.  We stayed with them for 2 hours and sailed with them about 10miles. We were completely accepted in their pod. They approached our boat quite often and we heard them exhaling which is always an amazing noise giving usgoosebumps. The male had this magnificent dorsal fin which could reach up to 2m :) One of the calves surfaced only a few meters in front of our vessel and the other one stayed always next to the mother.  It looked like they were heading towards Snæfellsnes but maybe we will be very lucky tomorrow and see them again :)  What an unforgettable Whale Watching Trip!!! :)



A nice day out on sea despite the rainy weather in Reykjavik and the whales do not mind the rain at all. We were hoping to find the large group of White Beaked Dolphins from yesterday again.

Also today we had to be a bit patient and it seemed that the group of White Beaked Dolphins had left or maybe they swam further out. We looked everywhere and fortunately we were able to find 3 of them who surfaced a few times not that far away from our boat. They were not really curious today but not hunting either. It seemed that they were just looking for food and they left us after a while.



Today we started our trip from Hafnarfjörður again and sailed along the Peninsula of Reykajnes where the situation has not changed a lot since yesterday. We decided to end our trip in Reykjavik and sailed across the bay…

We were all very patient and that really paid off because we encountered a large group of White Beaked Dolphins J Our captain spotted them and they were still pretty far away but they were jumping and causing a lot of splashing which was visible. It seemed to be a small group but as we  have gotten closer, we realized that this was not the case. They were all around us and two of them started to jump again…so exciting J These beautiful animals approached us once in a while but they were quite busy hunting so they focus more on their food. It was a lot of fun to observe them while they were hunting and there was the jumpingagain…maybe that was a hunting method to knock out the fish ;)

What a nice trip and it seems that life has returned to Faxafloi Bay and we really hope to see our White Beaked Dolphins tomorrow again :)



Fortunately the wind has slowed down after a pretty stormy weekend. We decided to sail from Hafnarfjörður today since it is a bit more sheltered from the wind when it is blowing from this direction.

We sailed up and down next to the Peninsula of Reykjanes searching for whales :) and found a few little Harbour Porpoises who surfaced a couple of times before they left us. These are small, (no larger than 2 m) shy and fast animals and today they did not behave differently so we kept on sailing. Unfortunately we did not find any other whales and therefore we gave our guests a complimentary ticket to join us again.



Unfortunately we are forced to cancel the Whale Watching tour from Reykjavík today due to strong winds out on the bay.


Unfortunately we have to cancel our whale watching tour today due to strong winds on the bay.


It was a beautiful winters day with a colorful sky and a somewhat wavy sea.

We went for a nice sail on Faxaflói bay and searched a large area to find marine mammals.

We got a very nice view of Reykjanes with the sun glowing in orange and Snæfellsjökull in white.

We did not find any whales, but as always lots of birds. There was about 3 Gannets, lots and lots of Cormorants, Eider Ducks, Guillemots, black backed gulls, glaucous gulls and even one snowflake.

The bay greeted us with a cold breeze which calmed down in the end. But no whales were seen.



It was a windy day with no cetaceans to be seen.

Faxaflói bay was full of heavy clouds and cold winds. It had snowed last night so Reykjanes and Snæfellsnes looked both white and fresh.

We saw some birds, Cormorants, Eider Ducks, Fulmars, Guillemots and one Gannet.

Furthermore, we encountered an empty cargo ship on its way to Reykjavík, but that was about it. Not so bad though, since our guests enjoyed the big lap we took around the southern side of the bay, Everybody got free tickets to join us again.

Our warm and cozy overalls ensured our survival against the cold north-atlantic winds.