Reykjavik Whale Watching Diary November 13th 2011

by thury on November 16, 2011

Although we’re not running the whale watching tours on schedule during the winter months, we do go out when and if a large enough group wishes. On Sunday, November 13th, we got a group of architecture students from the UK which we took for a ride out onto the bay.

The weather was lovely, though a bit cold as you could expect. We got news that a minke whale had been spotted far to the south, so we decided to head there immediately. When we got there we spotted a blow in the distance and headed there. Oddly enough the minke whale was heading full speed to the south, so the next time it surfaced it was again far from us. We had to chase after it and luckily we got very close after a while, and found out there were two of them, most likely a mother and a calf. They both surface a few times close to us and we got a really good look at them. Then we lost them and headed back after having searched for them for quite a while. On the way back we checked out Viðey island, the Imagine Peace Tower and some mid-eighteenth century architecture on the island, as well as the architecture along the shore of Reykjavik on the way back to the harbour, speculated about the haunting of Höfði, and the disaster that is Höfðatorg.

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